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VALOR, LLC runs virtual leadership training, where participants form strongly bonded teams in diverse groups through a specifically designed online game forum.


The VALOR program is a research-based program to give participants the opportunity to lead groups of people through virtual experiences and achieve goals as a team. 

CWU LeadTogether
CWU MultiModal Education Center

CWU LeadTogether

How we Can

Help You

  • Do you need to offer a leadership program across a wide geographic region?

  • Need a leadership training program that millennials will love?

  • Want your students or employees to work together as a well-organized team?

VALOR, LLC offers online leadership training in a virtual environment to meet all of the challenges you face.  With three program tracks to suit your needs and the ability to customize any program, we'll help you reach your goal of bringing your organization together and elevating their ability to lead and organize projects.


VALOR College

Whether you're trying to connect freshmen to campus life or prepare seniors to lead in the workplace, the VALOR College program is aimed at students enrolled at institutions of higher education.  Programs are available to specifically address diversity training needs.


VALOR K-12 is available for students in elementary, middle, and high schools.  Alternative schools are welcome to participate, and we have a well-researched curriculum to specifically address leadership training for at-risk students.  

VALOR Enterprise

VALOR Enterprise is designed for businesses, corporations, and non-profits to offer leadership training to their staff, improve project planning skills, and help co-workers build deeper bonds and come together as a high-functioning team.  Our training is also ideal for companies with a large number of millennial employees.

New! Consulting Services

Whether you want to design a college course that incorporates elements of a virtual environment or review the effectiveness of leadership programs you already have in place, VALOR, LLC can help you do that through our consultation and research services.    

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