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Whether you want to design a college course that incorporates elements of a virtual environment or review the effectiveness of leadership programs you already have in place, VALOR, LLC can help you do that through our consulting and research services.    

Higher Ed

New and innovative learning techniques are always a goal for colleges and universities.  If your faculty are looking to incorporate virtual platforms, leadership, and/or team development into their courses, contact us to discuss how we could help facilitate the conversation and provide suggestions for a successful integration based on the most current research and industry standards.  We can keep you ahead of the curve and offer solutions that will keep students engaged.


If your business has a leadership program in place, but you need to determine its effectiveness, VALOR, LLC can assist you in the process.  We will conduct an analysis of your current program and its long-term effectiveness in reaching your leadership and teamwork goals for staff.  We can also assist in helping you find solutions to better meet goals and provide continued opportunities for staff to develop leadership skills. 


Research Services

VALOR is pleased to offer robust research services at a reasonable price. We offer qualitative and quantitative assessment that includes a research design proposal that you approve first. When your research is complete, you will receive a professional presentation of your research results in an easy to understand fashion. We specialize in statistics, so you don't have to! Your research presentation will conclude with your receiving a PDF document with all data and findings, and, if appropriate, a list of concrete suggestions and next steps to help your program reach its full potential.

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