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VALOR, LLC offers three program tracks to suit your needs, and any program can be customized to meet your organization's specific goals.


VALOR College

The VALOR College program is aimed at students enrolled at institutions of higher education.  This can range from community colleges to large university systems with regional campuses.  The leadership program offered for college students usually takes one of two approaches, either to incorporate freshman students into campus life and give them a support network or to help juniors and seniors to prepare for the challenges of leading in the workplace.


VALOR K-12 is available for students in elementary, middle, and high schools.  Alternative schools are welcome to participate, and we have a well-researched curriculum to specifically address leadership training for at-risk students.  All students will increase their confidence in their leadership ability and learn that first impressions of fellow students may not always be accurate.

VALOR Enterprise

VALOR Enterprise is designed for businesses, corporations, and non-profits to offer leadership training to their staff, improve project planning skills, and help co-workers build deeper bonds and come together as a high-functioning team.  Our training is also ideal for companies with a large number of millennial employees.  VALOR programs offer the high engagement and group atmosphere that appeals to millennials while keeping training lessons applicable to their current work.  If your organization is up to the challenge and looking for a whole new level of leadership training, VALOR is ready to help you being.  

Available for Customization:
  • Program goals can be customized to meet your needs, whether they include diversity initiatives, cultural competency, or simply leadership skills.

  • Data reports for your group can be customized to demonstrate improvement in the areas you specify.

  • Programs can range from 8 to 18 weeks and meet at least twice weekly.

All Programs Include:
  • A full staff of facilitators to implement your program (at least 1 facilitator for every 12 participants)

  • Constant feedback and communication between your participants and VALOR facilitators

  • End-of-the-program celebration with event coordination, wrap-up presentation, and team and individual awards

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