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Taking Leadership Training to the Next Level

Leadership training has long been sought for students and employees alike.  But, ask most participants what they did in leadership training, and you will hear a mix of doing ice breakers, determining which leadership style they possess, and receiving some communication tips - no actual leadership practice!  VALOR seeks to change that by offering a cost-effective training program that spans geographic obstacles and offers real leadership practice on an ongoing basis.  

VALOR's training program was developed by Dr. Gary Myers after careful study of social psychology and team dynamics.  This research-based program has delivered consistent, measurable results that give clients metrics to show the improvement their participants are making in the areas of organization, communication, cultural competency, and leadership skills.  

We all know that practice makes perfect, and VALOR's program ensures participants no less than 6 opportunities to plan a session and lead their teammates in reaching a goal.  There's no better way to learn to lead than to do it on a consistent basis and in the safe, judgement-free environment that our facilitators create.  

Virtual vs. Real World
  • Research shows that skills learned in a virtual environment transfer to the "real world."  (Sources: Duke Virtual Reality Lab, Stanford Virtual Reality Lab)

  • Setting up training scenarios in the virtual world is cost-effective, safe, and offers the ability to customize training to meet client goals.

  • All participants can meet online from any location to participate in the training.  No boundaries!

All Programs Include:
  • Customized data collection for your reporting needs

  • The ability to customize program goals for your group

  • A full staff of facilitators to implement your program (at least 1 facilitator for every 12 participants)

  • End-of-the-program celebration with event coordination, wrap-up presentation, and team and individual awards

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